New commission for Business English Training

Michael Ward English Coach, MWEC, is delighted to announce that we have received a continued commission to provide Business English Training at the XENTER Polytechnic in Botkyrka Municipality.
The contract provides for training and coaching in Business English for 3D printing technicians.

Handelskammaren Mälardalen - kurs i affärsengelska

Training courses

I'm really delighted to have completed the first Business English course together with Handelskammaren Mälardalen on May 4th.

We welcome new participants to this course and will train both members and non-members to maximise their communication and cross-cultural skills in the global business language.

For further information and to register, please visit:

Online coaching and training during Covid-19 and thereafter

During these challenging times we see the need for online coaching and training, and of course we do offer this as an alternative to a personal meeting. We would always recommend a face-to-face coaching session in preferance but training online also works really well. Please send an e-mail to and we will work out a good solution for you. 


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Best, Mike